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Morbi auctor feugiat maximus. Ut condimentum, mi ut efficitur molestie, nibh metus venenatis sapien.


All classes is condacted online followed by Assesement .

About Us

The Hafiz Academy based at 67 Camberwell road in Crawford was established in January 2000.

We offer adult classes such as Quran reading, Tajweed, and reading the Quran with understanding. Students intending memorizing the Quran are welcome to attend the Hafiz Academy, provided he/she is able to recite the Holy Qur’an fluently. The rules of TAJWEED are taught to the Hafiz students once they have registered as a student at the Hafiz Academy.

Over the past 20 years, we have produced a number of publications. The iconic Colour Coded Quran was initiated and printed by the Hafiz Academy in Cape Town. In 2019 we launched the Translation Colour Coded Quran where the meaning of the verse is provided below the Arabic verse.

We have commenced with our online Tajweed course on 01 June 2020 and will be offering many more online courses so that a global community can benefit from our lessons.

Our future online classes will include Quran literacy class – Recite the Quran with understanding

and Memorising the Quran with understanding ONLINE.


Our Hafiz-School. Our Family. Our Community

The successful graduation of 100 percent of students of their recent tajweed class, re-affirms their social commitment. The tajweed classes were a collaborative venture between these three highly visible members of our community, sponsored by Radio 786. Classes were held at Masjid-ul-Quds, Gatesville on the seven Saturdays between February and March. The program was not only designed to be instructive at many levels of skill but also as rigorous testing of Hafiz Reedwan Ismail’s new book Tajweed Rules To Be Observed When Reading the Holy Qur’an. This testing period has proven highly successful, the students have responded positively


What is Tajweed

Tajweed is an Arabic word which linguistically means proficiency. Tajweed Al Quran means reading every word of the Holy Quran with the right proficiency. In other words, tajweed means giving every letter of the Holy Quran its rights and dues of characteristics


amplified definition of Tajweed means to recite every letter and word of the Quran with its proper pronunciation. The Quran is the final revelation from Allah for all mankind. Without doubt we are rewarded for reciting the Quran, however, reciting the Quran with understanding will be a reward A siging experience for the soul. 


The Quran is different from any other material that is memorised such as poetry and prose. And this is because the Quran is quickly lost from ones mind. In fact the Messenger of Allaah (sas) said: “By Him in whose Hand is my soul, it is faster in escaping than a tied camel.” 

Reported by Bukhaaree and Muslim. 



As the Sacred Scripture of Quran is full of information that transforms the lives of millions of people around the world, therefore, it is imperative to recite and understand it in local language for better absorbing its wisdom.  

Tajweed Al-Quran

The Quran is a revelation that contains the rules, regulations about this world, and the afterworld. The revelation from Allah shows us the straight path in order to attain the ultimate success and rewards. The Holy Quran is the ultimate infallible source of legislation for mankind to live an organized life.  

Muslims must endeavor to recite and understand the Quran. The Quran revealed in Arabic is therefore to be recited in the language it was revealed. The Holy Quran is the book of ultimate guidance. In fact, it’s not a book for reading and reciting only. It’s a book of learning and understanding. Islam is a practical religion and the Quran guides us about every aspect of our lives 

Importance of Understanding the Quran

As the Sacred Scripture of Quran is full of information that transforms the lives of millions of people around the world, therefore, it is imperative to recite and understand it in local language for better absorbing its wisdom. The Almighty Lord says: 

“[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.” [Quran, 38: 29] 

The above mentioned Ayah clearly signifies that it is the spiritual duty of a Muslim to reflect upon the holy verses which are only possible when they are read in understandable language. 

Narrated `Uthman: 

The Prophet () said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” 

Understanding is the Way to Memorizing

Among the things which greatly aid the process of memorization is understanding the verses that one has memorized and known their relationship and link, one to another. 

Reciting to Others

It is necessary for the memorizer not to depend on himself for his memorization. Rather he should test his memorization by reciting the verses or surah in question to somebody else, or he should recite them by following the mushaf 

Quran reading – recite with understanding

This course is open to youth and adults. The learner must be able to identify the Arabic alphabet. The course teaches the vocabulary list of the words found in a verse. The pronunciation and meaning of the words are taught. An online test is conducted. Voice recording of your recitation of the verse is done on One Note. The teacher will then provide feedback.


Hafiz Academy Trust 

Trust Constitution

TRUST CONSTITUTION The purpose of the Trust is the provision of religious, educational and charitable services to the general community and, in particular, to the Islamic community. The objects of the trust include:

· The provision of formal Islamic education classes · To initiate and participate in projects relating, inter alia, to · Islamic religion and education, welfare and charity · The upliftment of the general Islamic community in so far as educational and religious instruction is concerned. · The provision of formal Islamic religious education (Madrassa) and · All matters incidental to the aforementioned objects. · To provide tuition to learners who intend memorizing the Holy Qur’an · To conduct adult Quranic Literacy Classes · To distribute textbooks and other Islamic Literature to Islamic Educational Institutions · To conduct workshops with a view to improving didactics and teaching methodologies.

The Trust document was signed on 18 July 2000.


TRUSTEES The Trustees are : Chairman: Dr. Nazeem Ismail

Vice-Chairman: Mr. Jainudien Abdul Ganie Hamdulay Secretary: Waheeda Ismail Administrator: Hafiz Reedwaan Ismail Marketing Director: Mohamed Abbas Abdul Kader Rumaney Financial Advisor: Dr. Amien Ahmed Parkar

Mr Abbas Rumaney is the fundraising co-ordinator. Two other major role players in this initiative are Radio 786 and Masjidul-Quds. The community radio station is providing air time to promote the Academy and lends support to fundraising drives. The committee at Masjidul-Quds has been most cooperative in providing a base for the Academy.